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Books and notes to learn many things in life like computer, electronics, designing etc.

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Dynamics of the Contemporary University
Author : Neil J Smelser
Non Fiction Pages: 150 Size: 781 KB Learning Books
Between Philosophy and Poetry
Author : Massimo Verdicchio
Non Fiction Pages: 230 Size: 776 KB Learning Books
Global Learning and Education
Author : Andrew Peterson
Non Fiction Pages: 187 Size: 750 KB Learning Books
Perfectly Awful
Author : Charley Rosen
Non Fiction Pages: 287 Size: 745 KB Learning Books
What Art Is
Author : Arthur C Danto
Non Fiction Pages: 189 Size: 725 KB Learning Books
The Theory and Practice of Development Education
Author : Douglas Bourn
Non Fiction Pages: 223 Size: 697 KB Learning Books
The Palgrave Macmillan Transforming Media Coverage of Violent Conflicts
Author : Zohar Kampf
Non Fiction Pages: 196 Size: 695 KB Learning Books
When Self Consciousness Breaks
Author : G Lynn Stephens
Non Fiction Pages: 212 Size: 683 KB Learning Books